Maybe the best sarcastic conversation in tv history 

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  • me: haha hey guys do u dare me to eat this whole thing of ice cream
  • them: no
  • me: *shaking my head and chuckling* i cant believe you guys are making me do this
  • them: we're not
  • me: *eating right out of the thing* this is so wild you guys you're so fucked up for making me do this


this is the sort of web content i am looking to see every day

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Australia right now.

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Whenever my friend says goodnight to me on Skype he sends me this gif


and I wanted to send it to him tonight so I went to Google “black man turning off lamp” but Google autofill changed it to “black man turning into jet” and I got this


Long story short it’s 1am and I’ve been laughing at this for approximately 20 years

Which one of you assholes brought this back

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